A specific type of fanboy who is eccentric about everything the hunger games related. For example, Katniss is not leading for an wards vote. A fanboy would run around screaming and/or crying. And if katniss became first, they would run around screaming and/or crying. they purchase lots of fandom merch, and act quite strangely when discussing their fandom.
New hunger games poster is released. a hunger games fanboy would be the first and only person in line...for a poster.
by THGFanboy1224 April 4, 2014
Formula Fanboy is a game developer on Game Jolt who is well known for creating the universe itself as he is also God. Formula Fanboy has been part of several scandals involving human trafficking, and it's widely believed that he pays people to try and deter these rumours - despite the fact that they have been proven true multiple times.
I wish I could go to coffee with you, Betty, but Formula Fanboy kidnapped my entire family and sold my mom.
by LigmaLigma May 13, 2021
XP Fanboy is a Windows XP fanboy that always bitches about how XP was better. He always uses Windows XP and never switches nor uses every OS that isn't XP. He always listens to the "Easter egg" songs every time and never listens to every song. He always watches videos that are all about WEENDOWZ EKZPEE! And he also treats Windows XP as his Religion. ALL HAEL WEENDOWZ EPKZPEE! Let's be honest, XP was a good OS, but those fanboys ruined it the same way as fandoms, but much lesser porn than others.
Tyler: Hey Joey, why you are not switching to windows 8?
Tyler: It's already dead, switch already please, Windows 8 is much more secure than your XP.
Tyler: Alright, we are not friends anymore, fuck you.
by Truths and Facts December 25, 2016
Someone who gets extremely angry, toxic, and salty over someone trolling in a cafe game on Roblox.
Troller: I want some poop sticks please. *Records his trolling as well and uploads it to YouTube*
Salty admin: Why do you guys always troll? It does so much damage to the game
Troller's fan: Can you shut the fuck up, you frapgenix fanboy. He's mad lol.
by sd8322 June 17, 2021
A person who is obsessed with Windows 10, earlier Windows versions, or other Microsoft products.
Person 1: *Ranting in his Zoom meeting how Windows 10 is the best operating system ever*
Person 2: Look at that microshit fanboy! He keeps on ranting about some fucking operating system
by sd8322 June 4, 2021
Gender neutral for fanboy or fangirl. You could call a nonbinary person a fanboi.
Person 2: Dude stop fanboiing!
Person 1: What if I do t want to stop fanboiing??
Person 2: Fine but be quit you fanboi.
by phanboi_sam April 19, 2018
The action of sitting outside someones walls on cosmicpvp.com
Friedrice were fanboying Mangos walls all map by shooting lethal tnt 24/7 and sitting there on their computer all day staring at Mangos walls.
by Ldance123 October 13, 2020