Some who enjoys themselves a nice juicy Apple Sandwiches
Ruben loves Apple Sandwiches, he is Apple Fanboy
by JoeyTheMan, Number 3 June 26, 2019
Apple fanboys are kids who only buy apple products because they want to follow the herd like mindless sheeple rather than analysing the quality of the phone. They just go by the popularity of the product.
by Mellon Collie May 14, 2022
taehun fanboy is a fanboy for taehun who is a very good artist and a fun person to talk to.
Luke is a taehun fanboy.
by SusSusAmonfus420 March 14, 2022
A person who is a fan of easyJet. A true legend basically god. Gets unlimited pussy, sleeps with a different girl every night. Girls want to be with him. Boys want to be him. Wants to fly A320s around Europe
Woah it’s the easyJet fanboy *Name*. I wish I was him. He’s basically god. He should save some fanny for us he keeps taking it all.
by XXPussyDestoryerXX November 19, 2019
A person who loves easyJet, gets unlimited pussy, coolest guy in the school, sleeps with 5 women at a time. Basically god. Wants to fly A320s around Europe.
Oh look its *INSERT NAME* he’s the true easyJet fanboy. I wish I was him he’s basically god. He slept with Jessica last night, gabs the day before and tomorrow he’s got Chardonnay. Fucking legend.
by XXPussyDestoryerXX November 19, 2019
A kid who saw the hosts of G4 and assumed he'd have a chance at dating one them eventually.
A crazed host fanboy thinks Laura Foy and Tina Wood are goddesses.
by Julius December 27, 2003