The action of sitting outside someones walls on
Friedrice were fanboying Mangos walls all map by shooting lethal tnt 24/7 and sitting there on their computer all day staring at Mangos walls.
by Ldance123 October 13, 2020
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Noun: A person who likes a celebrity, band, tv show, book series, franchise, etc a lot. It can range from being obsessed in the way that gives them a bad reputation, or can just be someone who just wants to enjoy something with their friends. (Or alone. Either way is fine)

Verb: ‘To Fangirl’ To participate in the act of being a Fangirl/fanboy. This may include making fanfiction, making fanart, shipping or simping, or even just squealing over things. It varies greatly be how active you are in that ‘fandom’, or what skill sets you have, or other things.

Note: There are no rules for this. If you think of yourself as a Fangirl for something, you are. You do you. You don’t have to fulfill certain requirements, you just have to like something enough to...well...squeal over it (squealing out loud not required)
“A new season came out! Yesss! Oh. Excuse me, I’m a bit of a fangirl

Emmie is busy fangirling, so she can’t join the chat right now. A new video was just posted of her favorite celebrity.”

“Every Fangirl/fanboy loves it when their ship becomes canon.”
by Cheshire131 March 30, 2021
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A person who is a fan of easyJet. A true legend basically god. Gets unlimited pussy, sleeps with a different girl every night. Girls want to be with him. Boys want to be him. Wants to fly A320s around Europe
Woah it’s the easyJet fanboy *Name*. I wish I was him. He’s basically god. He should save some fanny for us he keeps taking it all.
by XXPussyDestoryerXX November 19, 2019
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A person who loves easyJet, gets unlimited pussy, coolest guy in the school, sleeps with 5 women at a time. Basically god. Wants to fly A320s around Europe.
Oh look its *INSERT NAME* he’s the true easyJet fanboy. I wish I was him he’s basically god. He slept with Jessica last night, gabs the day before and tomorrow he’s got Chardonnay. Fucking legend.
by XXPussyDestoryerXX November 19, 2019
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XP Fanboy is a Windows XP fanboy that always bitches about how XP was better. He always uses Windows XP and never switches nor uses every OS that isn't XP. He always listens to the "Easter egg" songs every time and never listens to every song. He always watches videos that are all about WEENDOWZ EKZPEE! And he also treats Windows XP as his Religion. ALL HAEL WEENDOWZ EPKZPEE! Let's be honest, XP was a good OS, but those fanboys ruined it the same way as fandoms, but much lesser porn than others.
Tyler: Hey Joey, why you are not switching to windows 8?
Tyler: It's already dead, switch already please, Windows 8 is much more secure than your XP.
Tyler: Alright, we are not friends anymore, fuck you.
by Truths and Facts December 25, 2016
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