The used to be the Malvinas and whoever said uneducated people call them that is not only wrong, but extrememly rude. Most Argentinans today still refer to them as "las Islas Malvinas" because that is what thery originally were...and should be. They belonged to Arg and the British were incredible silly in wasting their time to take them away. the fact that they did is a lingering example of colonialism which needs to completely die out.
People like you need to stop being so ignorant. British took so much of Africa and India and China...and they let that go, hanging on to the Malvinas is hipocrisy.
by TheArgentine August 20, 2005
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The last residue of the failed British Empire. A group of islands that rightfully belong to Argentina but are controlled by Britain. Much like the 6 occupied counties in the north of Ireland, the Falkland Islands (real name Las Islas Malvinas) are wrongly occupied as a result of British imperialism which should have died out in the 19th century but has been retained to give a small island nation a sense of importance. This is incredibly ironic considering that outwith England, many of the residents of the other constituent nations of the United Kingdom favour independence from the UK rather than rule from Westminster.
Did you hear how Thatcher sunk the Belgrano deliberately and illegally whilst it was sailing away from the Falklands?
by Pope Pius X2 June 19, 2009
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