country at the top bottom of america. its known beacause of its high party level, country where people starts 'the night' at 2 am and gets back home at 8 am at least. people go dancing any day of the week

the country with the best bbq and meat, really hot chiks and where ppl is actually warm and nice.

has great soccer and sprtsmen, lots of places to visit and you can find the most bizar things u could imagine.
non-argentinean: where r u from?

argentinean: argentina

non-argentinean: ohh, che guevara, maradona!

argentina: ya, the fuckin fat drug adict maradona..
by conri93 February 12, 2011
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A South American country with a surprisingly tiny number of pure Native American people and mestizos. Known for its large Spanish and Italian population, its warm people, and also for its current economic depression and several corrupt leaders.
"Don't cry for me, Argentina...
the truth is I never left you,
all through my wild days,
my mad existance,
I kept my promise-
don't keep your distance..."
-From Andrew Lloyd-Webber's musical, "Evita".

A country that shouldn't cry for Eva Peron (despite that the historical Eva never said that).
by Lorelili February 4, 2006
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argentina is a beautiful big country.actually,its the 2 most largest.we have the best meat in the world because our land dosent have "bumps" such as hills or mountains so the cow's dont have 2 walk a lot, so there mausles dont get hard. we also have amazing horses, actually nikko ritter, an amazing horse back rider, his horse rocket is from here. we also stand out for our football team(u may know maradona:used 2 be the best player in the world or messi,that is brilliant)(actually, i went to southafrica, and the people asked me,were are u from?argentina.oh!!!!messi messi!!!!yes yes)also, our field hockey is pretty good, and luciana aymar is the best hockey player in the world.of course shes from argentina.we amazingly have all types of weather.we have jungle,glasiars,desserts, etc.
we have pretty bad ecconomics and goverment.the current president is cristina kirshner who has lost completly control of the country.
people say woman here are sluts,and that just makes me feel bad because thier talking about my country which i love and im proud off.juan peron has been a terrible president 2 and was really friends with hitler.and it really bothers me that at school they dont teach u all of the the kirchners are "guerilleros"
(here is how it goes on)(for examople ernesto "che" chegevara is a guerillero) they, dont want children 2 know the bad stuff they did.thank god (sorry if it bothers u that i mention god) my dad kept a book from that time and showed it to me,and know if think the complet opposite.
school here is from 1 grade (6 years normaly of age)up 2 7th grade(12-13).then,comes secondary, that would be 1st year (13-14) up 2 5th year(17-18)

i know pretty much of my country, i only lived here for 9 not a nerd, actually, im not doing,well, really good at school :P
(dont tell my parents!!haha)
if u come to argentina, eat milanesas and dulce de leche!!!go to freddo and i recomend the resourante "happening"(its a bit expensive but worth it)
of course,there are mcdonalds!!:)
wht would we do with out them
by pauhorseslov January 6, 2010
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A country whose people have committed many mistakes in the past (namely: the Malvinas/Falkland war, trusting bad presidents, being arrogant, etcetera), but that it’s slowly learning from them and will improve its situation in the following decades.
Argentina is not such a bad country.
by Alberto April 15, 2004
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A South American country with an extremely high ratio of slutty catholic schoolgirls who seem to be extremely welcoming of foreign dick (and local too, I guess)

Competent in sports, said to have arrogant natives, with an economy always "recovering amazingly from" or "sinking in" crisis, plenty of great beef, but that should always be remembered for the hotness and sluttynes of its women.
Argentina has soooo many hot women, they are pretty slutty too, in a good way.
by Zoone May 14, 2007
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pretty cool country, beatiful girls; not the best country though. Home to the one of the most kick ass latins; che guevara.
Ernesto "che" Guevara lives on!
by MCSD March 16, 2005
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Ok...This Is The Real Definition.

The Second Biggest Country In Latin to Brazil.
The Capital Is Buenos Aires.
90% of Americans and 10% of Hispanics and Spanish People Don't Know Where It is.
Even though the girls may seem like sluts and a lot of them are because this country is more open minded about sex and a lot of them are freaky because of european know where the nude beaches aree...It's My Opinion.
Most Of the People are Snobby I Guess,that's why I don't want to marry an argentine dude...cuz i don't like most of them.
90% Are Mostly Mestizos,Italian,and Spanish Decent

The Country is Now Ruined because Of It's Economic State.
We Have A Woman President that hasn't improved ish for argentina and makes women look stupid since she can't run the country and have some control.
The Woman President is Just like the Previous President...And She's The Previous President's Wife.
Which is having the same person run the country,but worse....and im not saying it because she's a's because she's weak-minded and has no sense of what she's doing.
I have to admit the only good thing about this country is it's vacation places,foodis the best in the world no doubt about it !!,My Family,and it's medicineUnlike the US,The Medicine can cure or relieve you when your feeling sick
Yes,Im from Argentina.
I still represent my country even though wanting to live there is like wanting to live in hell.
Dont Believe me,But Argentina is not the best place to live in.
by Lanii <3 June 24, 2009
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