German Surname relating to falconry.

Falken is a great name for a intelligent, strong, beautiful, incredible being.
The name Falken is sooo much cooler than Robin or Raven.... one is a scary crow and the other eats worms.
by 4littlebird December 7, 2013
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Me. I am Falken.
Falken is a man. A man with a plan. The plan to define every word in here. I didn't say it was a good plan. Fuck you.
by Falken January 17, 2003
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To spend way to much time on something. A term which is used frequently in the automotive sales industry.
Hey have you seen Bill?

Yeah he's been falken it with the same people for like 4 hours lol.
by Time Bandito December 17, 2022
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An auto performance business that sells and distributes high performance tires and wheels.
I just mounted some new Falken tires and they added 1000 hp to my Ford Model T
by kurosen May 18, 2006
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Falkens maze (AKA Faulkens maze) is a fictional artificial intelligence game from the 1980’s movie war games.

It has also been known to refer to “shepherds maze” an unusually secretive online alternate reality game, available by invitation only. Most likely falkens maze is used as a code or to conceal that players are actually referring to shepherds maze, as some online communities have become hostile towards players. Although they are interchangeable (falkens or shepherds) the actual game is sometimes called just “the maze” as the original game had no name but was given the nickname by players because it revolves around a highly detailed and complex journal written by a man named “Shephard” or “Shepherd”. A known symbol used by players is the sheep emoji followed by the dog emoji (🐑🐕) and/or the numbers (8888 0008). Details of the game are a tightly guarded secret and sometimes compared to the secretive online group cicada 3301.
Remember that scene in wargames where falkens maze says “would you like to play a game”?

Q: Bro have you heard of that “arg” game falkens maze? I heard it’s super crazy and people get obsessed with playing it.

A: yeah man, it’s just another name for shepherds maze, same thing.
by Moderator # 19 June 23, 2018
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Falkens maze is a secret online and real life game that involves crazy alternate reality type situations. It was written by a blind schizophrenic guy back in the 1980’s and 1990’s and kept a secret by everybody who plays it. The first rule of the maze is that you are responsible for everyone you recruit into it, if one of your recruits talks about it too much then you all get expelled and can’t play anymore. The maze has an almost religious meaning to some people, they take it way too seriously. You can only play it if you are invited.
Have you been playing falkens maze all night bro? Why are you so obsessed with it?

He took a class on cryptography just so he could play falkens maze better.
by ARGononymous June 24, 2018
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