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An online and alternate reality/ augmented reality “puzzle” spanning several countries over the last 6 years. Players claim to be given orders to complete small tasks and are provided with “keys” in exchange. Shepherds maze is almost definitely tied to falkens maze, another, more exclusive game with less than 100 players in North America that often travel and meet in person to obtain keys and perform tasks.
Ignore that YouTube link, it’s probably someone just playing shepherds maze.

I heard that if you complete the maze they will pay you to moderate new players.
by R C Christian June 21, 2018
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Shepherds maze (sheps maze) is a highly secretive but allegedly exciting online alternate reality game in which players can join by invitation only and is loosely based on a bizarre journal found to have belonged to a paranoid schizophrenic in GA. Aspects of the game are taken directly from the journal in a way that re-enacts scenarios described within. Snapshots of the journal have been seen on Imgur and reddit under fake/ghost/newly created usernames but are usually deleted before anyone has had a chance to save them.
Dude I’ve been playing shepherds maze for a month and it’s so much better than any other ARG I’ve ever played.

Did you see that last snapshot of Shepherds journal? I wonder if there’s any clues that will be in the maze?!
by Moderator # 19 June 23, 2018
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