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Someone who posts deliberately misleading status messages to a social networking site such as Facebook or Twitter in an effort to appear smarter, nicer or more appealing than they actually are.
Gosh, did you see Katie's status today commenting on Einstein's Theory of Relativity? She is so smart!" "Nah, she copied that from a book. She's a total Fakebooker.
by Alliterati October 27, 2010
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A very false and usually pretentious person who adds people to their Facebook friends list regardless of whether they know and like them or not, in a pathetic attempt to boost themselves up a "social network hierarchy" that exists only in their heads. Essentially its no more then a desperate plea to feel loved, needed and important.
"She's got like a thousand friends on facebook, man what a fakebooker."

"A thousand friends on Facebook?! Not one would take a bullet in the ass for him though! What a fakebooker!"
by maspito April 25, 2009
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