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Being totally hooked and infatuated with the social networking site, Facebook. Recognising somebody who is facehooked should be no trouble, their news feed will be full of poinltless status updates, and you will find they talk to people far more than they are talked to.

In addition, the person will be constantly checking their status on their phone and computer to the point that it becomes hideously irritating.
"I went round to Max's last night but we barely spoke, he was glued to his phone the whole time. When i got home I check my facebook I saw all is status updates! He's totally Facehooked!"

- Max is getting out a mug
- Max is getting out the tea
- Max is making a cup of tea
- Max is drinking a cup of tea
- Max is washing up a mug
- Max is drying a mug
- Max is putting the mug away
- Max is hanging up the tea towel
- Max enjoyed his tea.
by Scowley July 23, 2009
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