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1. An individual, though usually middle school/ high school-aged girls (sometimes guys), who use Facebook to ridiculously display themselves in hopes of attracting the attention of a person of sexual interest to them.

Usually found in the badly focused, self-taken photographs that show the individual making absurd, foolish faces that are actually meant to be sexy.

2. Any such person who uses Facebook as a way of maintaining or advertising their love life or lack thereof.

3. An idiot
JANE DOE'S STATUS: "Should I tell him or not?!?!?!?!?"

Dude, what's up with your sister's profile pic? She's such a Facehooker.
by TeaKB December 07, 2009
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A person who continuously adds 'friends' to their friends list on Facebook, though many-or-most are actually strangers or simply casual acquaintances, solely for the purpose of appearing popular on Facebook: Facehooker
Note: This person's SOLE interaction with his/her new, so-called 'friends' is: "Thanks for the add."
"I received an FB friend request today from a chic I've never met. She apparently wants to 'know' me, wants me to be number 820!?! What a Facehooker!"
by faroutly April 07, 2010
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An age inappropriate younger woman who asks to 'friend' random older guys on Facebook for no other purpose than hooking up for cash at later time. Usual repartee involves trenchant conversation starters like "was up?" and "watcha doing?"
See also facecougar
That Amanda is such a facehooker, she's all over the balls and their walls.
by Jeremios February 04, 2010
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Some one who friends everybody that they could possibly know on Facebook and comments and updates their status way too much.
God, MJ's mom is a real Facehooker, I met her once and she's already friended me and everyone I know.
by Koala Bare July 02, 2009
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a girl or guy who sell themselves or participates in slutty activities on Facebook.
Olivia just asked Milton to have sex with her by posting "COME DO ME!" on his Wall.

Dude, what a facehooker.
by Spiffy Pants July 25, 2009
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Someone who is not on Facebook, who uses your Facebook to check on people.
"Will you check on Facebook to see if this guy is on there?".

"Gosh, you such a Facehooker".
by beanedog June 17, 2011
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