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The act of offering a reward for a like. The online equivilent to receiving money for sexual favors.
"Like this status and I'll give you a dollar!" Dude she was totally facehooking. What an online whore!
by Mr. MichaelsJSmith January 05, 2012
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The act of successfully hooking up with someone through facebook.
He wrote on my wall so much I knew we were going to end up facehooking.
by Chanisson Halberitzky February 09, 2010
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When one tries to garner attention from his or her facebook friends by writing something they think is clever, witty, or outrageous into their status update.
Did you see Jenna's Update? The milk in her fridge is green!

Don't comment. She's just Facehooking.
by TBayJ November 25, 2010
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