While behind someone inserting your index finger into thier mouth and pulling back towards the back of thier head therefore catching them like a fish on a hook. The sexual refrences above are foreign to me. To my knowledge no one has ever caught a fish with a hook to the ass.
Amongst other things the fishhook is illegal in the U.F.C. because it is so brutally painfull.

I gave Kano a fishhook so hard it ripped the corner of his mouth.
by Lancelot87 April 27, 2006
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While doggy style fucking a woman, stick your finger in her mouth and jerk back her face like a fish on a hook. To add to the fun pound your dick in hard as to gaff her at the same time.
Just when I was about to blow my load I pulled a fishhook on this bitch and gaffed her til I was empty!
by DougDale December 12, 2008
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1. A metalic half-circle used to catch acuatic life, usually attached on string
2. A quick jab to your jawbone
3. A car pulling quickly in front another
1.I caught the fish with a fishhook
2.John was really annoying so i gave him a quick Fishhook.
3.Because of the traffic jam i had to fishhook to work
by Leyla Bornack June 12, 2007
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When you pull back towards the pussy after you stick your finger up her anus.
by Long Island August 15, 2004
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Any woman so hideous that she causes a steadfast, healthy erection to lose confidence and hunch over, resembling a fish hook.
Haroun - Oh my god, look at what just walked in
Corey - Dude, she's a Fishhook
by Haroun O. November 15, 2006
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A variation of "The Shocker" (an uninvited digit placed in the girl's anus ) in which, with the finger still up there, you "hook" back in the direction the pussy. No real purpose here other than to think to yourself while doing it, "ahhh yes the Fishhook......". Another variation called the "New Jersey Meathook" involves sticking your uninvited digit in the girl's anus while fucking her from behind. You finger is then turned upward toward her back and you pull her entire body toward you over and over while she is sliding on your cock.
No real purpose here other than to think to yourself while doing it, "ahhh yes the Fishhook......".
by 3mpire.net August 19, 2005
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The act of scratching someone with a broken ring of a spiral notebook.
Kid: Shit! You fishhooked me, get a new fucking notebook!
by CtrlAltShift February 12, 2019
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