Clock me off "820" im outa here
by RobHulkSmash January 7, 2016
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To leave with extreme haste, regardless of any ongoing work or task.
"Is that the time? Sorry guys I'm 820"
by <><>? January 11, 2016
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Here I am awake
Poetry I try to make
As all I think about is you

And how I want that soon.

A smile I see
As I think of what you mean to me!
One day will come

Oh how much fun!!!

For now I will close my eyes it seems
And see you in my dreams
In arms I will be
How happy that makes me!!

Someday, one day… you will see
All of the love from me
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Is this another challenge on this so called race?
You must not have heard..
Immunity I have earned

for maintaining an exceptionally solid pace.

When the powers at be
Will not win

So how about that three
You know what I want to see

Love you
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did u c taht? He got 820'd by taht shotgun
by Anonymous July 23, 2003
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