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A person who likes every page, and joins every group.
"God, everyday, that FaceBook Faggot George has 600 new pages that he is a fan of.
by Bawb Weest May 09, 2010
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a person who chronicles their daily minutia on facebook while believing that someone out there really gives a shit
Teresa is such a facebook faggot I know when she's ovulating.
by tjbf55 March 22, 2009
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A Facebook Faggot is someone who spends all day on Facebook whining about everything, saying gay or dumbass coutes, or posting the stupidest shit. They will often say things that are copied from others to get likes or they will say things such as "Why does this always happen to me?" When they complain about things in their life its because they have no friends except for the ones on facebook. They are really annoying in real life because they only talk about
"Clint always puts gay quotes on facebook, he is a Facebook Faggot."
"Wow clint is such a facebook faggot he is always whinging."
by Lil' Biggums September 01, 2012
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Someone who's life is facebook and never turns the computer off for a fear of a missed notice.
Guy: Let's go to the party
Ass: No dude Im already attending it on Facebook
Guy: Get the fuck off facebook
Ass: No dude I just need to go on for a little bit
Guy: You were just on 4 minutes ago
Ass: Shut up
Guy:Facebook Faggot
by Ahh (ass) May 01, 2008
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Someone who: likes their own statuses, adds so many friends in one day that the account disables itself from adding more people, actually jacks off to other people's photos, tries to chat with you when your offline, has 10 statuses in one day, likes a page and then talks shit about it under the comments, likes Justin Beiber's page, thinks he's a smart ass and types in "1st to comment under pages comments, says their the 1st to comment and they actually aren't, comments "like" instead of actually liking the status, stalks other people's photos constantly, has had facebook for longer than a year and still doesn't have a profile picture, draws penises as their status, comments "add me" under pages comments, actually adds those people, has the notes box available and does not have any written down, only uses facebook for the games, actually sits their after updating their status and actually waits for someone to comment on it and then they comment back 5 seconds later, and thinks life is facebook
The Facebook Faggot actually jacked off to the midget's profile picture!!!

Interesting Fact: If facebook was a country, it would have the 3rd largest population
by Monster max December 15, 2010
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A person, generally male, who makes themselves a facebook page and constantly posts pictures and statuses and asks others to like/share in agreement/disagreement/if the picture is relevant to the person. They beg people to subscribe to them. They steal everything they get from other people and implement it as their own. They post most of their stuff for no personal reason whatsoever. They just want attention because they can not get it elsewhere (also see attention whore). They add so many friends in one day that the account disables itself from adding more people. They post on their own posts, asking people to subscribe, and promising that if they do so, they will get 2,000+ friend requests in just one minute. A lot of the things they post are stupid, make no sense, or try to make them seem sweet or nice. They'll show up on your news feed without having to be on your friends list because you have dumbass friends. Facebook loves them so much they no longer allow you to block them because the "block system is overloaded". These people are generally annoying.
Mark Cefalo: Like if you know who this actor\singer is (: *Miley Cyrus*

I think part of the reason why we hold on to something so tight is because we fear something so great won't happen twice.

LIKE if You See Your Age ^_^
True Love ♥

Me: Okay, I need to block this Facebook Faggot. His Facebook Faggot-ness is pissing me off.
"We're sorry, Facebook's block system is overloaded right now. Please try again later."
by lGhostl May 28, 2012
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When someone (more often a girl) posts absolute shit online on a daily basis. This person often whines about their life, almost everyday. The regular bystander will witness this stupidity on his or her newsfeed daily. This faggotry will go on for eternity if not blocked.
FB Faggot: "I hate life."

-1 Hour later-

FB Faggot: "everything is ok now. I luv my friends! <3"

-2 hours later-

FB Faggot: "how could he do this? i thought we had somethin. wat an asshole."

A regular day for all of the Facebook Faggots

-Listens to a song-

"Oh my gosh, I should post these shitty lyrics on my wall! Then, people might think the lyrics are about me! I just want to let people how horrible my taste in music is."

FB Lyric Faggot: "ur insecure. dont kno wat 4. <3"

Commenter: "Okay, please STOP posting lyrics. No one gives a shit about those lyrics. No one. Not even your mother."

FB Lyric Faggot: "omg just ignore me then. stupid."

Commenter: "Wow, I'm surprised your reply wasn't from a song."
by Anonymous Truthteller June 10, 2013
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