Same Bro
Friend: I hate life

Me: Same bro
by Wild Asian December 3, 2019
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Used to express a dislike for something you are doing, not ment literally.
Mom: Take out the garbage and clean the kitchen.
Me: I hate life.

Boss: Move all these books from this shelf to that one.
Me: I hate life.
by Annayar June 30, 2008
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i hate life
i hate life
by Funtimesareherr September 18, 2020
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When you hate so many aspects about one person, you can't pin your hatred on only one thing.
"God Ai-Lien you're such a Total bitch...I hate your life!
by YVONNE P October 29, 2006
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Common phrase used by females to express discontent in a current situation. These females are often the ones who use the phrase "can you not?"

"I hate my life" is usually meant to be a speech filler; it holds no significant value to a conversation or situation. It is probable that the female is trying to seek attention after mis-performing or failing some task, however, little sympathy is provided by the surrounding population.

Some proper responses to the phrase are the following: "Aww," "Uh oh," and "What happened?" It is disrespectful to reply with the following: "I hate your life, too," "Hahaha, you suck," and "Oh, you fail."
Steph cannot open the file in Photoshop
Steph: Ahh, I hate my life.

Joanne loses in Tetris
Joanne: Oh my god... I hate my life...
by 881 January 24, 2006
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