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Number four years are pretty interesting...You should check them out sometime...
by mehhe meh September 08, 2012
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see LUG., a woman who adopts a lesbian lifestyle while attending college
Janet was a four year lesbian but married her husband after she finished college.
by Heather December 02, 2003
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A Hardcore/Pop Punk (Happy Hardcore) Band from Worcester, MASSACHUSETTS. Has a very upbeat feel/lyrics to the band, but they mix that upbeat energy with hardcore riffs and breakdowns. Released their first full length cd "Rise or Die Trying" on I Surrender records in September of 2007. For Fans of Fall Out Boy(Take This To Your Grave), Hit The Lights, A Day To Remember.
by ClintHostetler March 12, 2008
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The tendency of otherwise straight girls to decide that they're gay during their time at Smith College, only to realize that they're not shortly after graduation. See also smithies
I knew this great, beautiful girl who went to Smith. I had a huge crush on her, but she was gay...or so we thought. Turns out she was on the four-year-plan, and now she's in New York and has a *boyfriend*!
by Beebo McSnark April 18, 2003
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A guy or girl who dates their own gender during college but after graduation goes back to heterosexual relationships. This is known to happen a lot in, but is not limited to, single sex institutions.
-Did you hear that Megan dumped Sarah for a guy?
-Yeah, everyone knew she was a four year queer.
by Loucele July 10, 2006
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A "four year memory" is a term used to describe the nature of the relationship between students and college administrators. The term refers to a student body's short attention span (4 years, or often less) for on-going, systemic issues.

For example, due to 'four year memory,' a problem may repeat itself on the college campus every few years without any substantive, long-term input from the student body. On issues of conflict between students and administrators, students are often at a distinct disadvantage due to their transitory relationship (on an individual level) with the institution. While there are sometimes attempts to bridge this 'memory gap' by uniting students from multiple graduation classes, these united efforts tend to be less focused and structured than the college administration.

A "four year memory" may also refer to any other institutional client base that has a continual, and renewing, memory gap.

While a "four year memory" refers to the student body's (non) action, a "four year promise" may refer to an administration's actions.
"Our student rep's went to the school administration to talk about a new Latino Studies program. The president seemed receptive - but they'd have to think about it, since it's a new idea."

"Dude, they are counting on your four year memory. Students have been trying to create this program for 20 years!!!"


"Sexual assault is such a big problem this year!"
"WTF?! Do you have a four year memory?"
by bytebrekha April 03, 2009
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