A phrase screamed by a gay furry shitposting Dark Souls III player who wanted to be high tier in a PVP Discord server, but instead was bested by another player with a broken straight sword.

Ugh.. okay, you know what? I’m just going to be made fun of. ‘Cause I’m tilted! I lost because I’m tilted! I have ten people in chat shitting on me, I have fucking Meryx and his fucking gangbangers just shitting on me, why the fuck do you think I’m tilted?! I’ve had to deal with this shit for FOUR YEARS! I’VE HAD TO DEAL WITH IT FOR FOUR YEARS! Four years. Get the fuck out of my chat. sigh Just calm down? No! The moment you fucking say that, I don’t care about your opinion, because you don’t understand the shit I have been through. Okay? Do you understand what fucking Meryx has done to me? Do you understand what fucking Prince has said to me? Do you understand any of the fucking history with that? They have genuinely pushed me to the the brink of fucking suicide! Okay?! That is not a joke! There’s a reason I stopped playing this game. There’s a reason I left pvpcord. Okay? Because he keeps getting unbanned. Nobody fucking deals with their shit, and they just keep harassing people! Meryx has a fucking Discord where he harasses people for fun! He literally has a sniping Discord! No, I don’t even want to play anymore. I’m done. I’m broken.
You did it guys, you broke me! claps You made me yell for the first time in five years! You made me break down! Are you happy? Are you guys happy? Are you satisfied? Are you going to clip it enough? Are you going to jerk off to it? I bet Meryx is laughing his ass off right now. Ha ha, look at this dude! He’s such an insane person! Fucking hate this community. So much. Yeah, look at Daug go. Just finish the Bo9? No. I’m not. I don’t care about high tier. I don’t care about this game. There’s a reason I stopped playing two years ago. Alright? It’s because of people like Meryx, it’s because of people like Prince. They have been a thing for years. Okay? Why do you think I fucking hate Ashes? It’s because Meryx is in it, Gabri is in it, those fucking people - are just insufferable.

I’ve had to deal with this shit for FOUR YEARS! I’VE HAD TO DEAL WITH IT FOR FOUR YEARS!
by FOURYEARS May 24, 2021
The first ever Urban Dictionary Word of the Day (December 30, 2004).
Number four years are pretty interesting...You should check them out sometime...
by mehhe meh September 8, 2012
see LUG., a woman who adopts a lesbian lifestyle while attending college
Janet was a four year lesbian but married her husband after she finished college.
by Heather December 3, 2003
A Hardcore/Pop Punk (Happy Hardcore) Band from Worcester, MASSACHUSETTS. Has a very upbeat feel/lyrics to the band, but they mix that upbeat energy with hardcore riffs and breakdowns. Released their first full length cd "Rise or Die Trying" on I Surrender records in September of 2007. For Fans of Fall Out Boy(Take This To Your Grave), Hit The Lights, A Day To Remember.
by ClintHostetler March 12, 2008
The tendency of otherwise straight girls to decide that they're gay during their time at Smith College, only to realize that they're not shortly after graduation. See also smithies
I knew this great, beautiful girl who went to Smith. I had a huge crush on her, but she was gay...or so we thought. Turns out she was on the four-year-plan, and now she's in New York and has a *boyfriend*!
by Beebo McSnark April 18, 2003
My ears were the ass and Four Year Strong was the thundering penis of Zeus.
by The Steamy Rhino April 14, 2009
A guy or girl who dates their own gender during college but after graduation goes back to heterosexual relationships. This is known to happen a lot in, but is not limited to, single sex institutions.
-Did you hear that Megan dumped Sarah for a guy?
-Yeah, everyone knew she was a four year queer.
by Loucele July 10, 2006