People born on this day are artistic, sensitive, cute af, takes no shit, love their friends, and have the face of angels
Kim Taehyung was born on December 30 , what an amazing artist and human being!
by Kimtaebaby October 15, 2019
National kick a guy in the Nuts day kick every guy friend you have! Heck even kick your dad’s Nuts !
Man 1: gotta hide it’s December 30!
*Woman walks up and kicks Man 1 in Nuts*
Woman around the corner: that’s a lot of damage
by cats pog October 27, 2019
People born on this day are amazing souls to this planet. They have been born on such a unique day making them a unique person. They are loving, caring, thoughtful, and gorgeous. Make sure to show them how appreciative u are of them on their special day💗.
Damnnn... your born on December 30!👏🏼
by $ad $een December 22, 2019
The day all the hotties and savages were born
Omg she is a savage and so hot no wonder she was born on December 30
by Candy corn 10 December 8, 2019
A beautiful loving woman was born on this day they are on this Earth to succeed and to be well known and let's not forget she a bad bitch ✌️😂💞
Friend: It's December 30

B-day girl: Yeah bitch it ma birthday
by Bad bishhh October 31, 2019
National clara day, go up to clara and give them a box of flavor blasted cheddar gold fish. Proceed to tell clara that she is the most amazing person in the world.
Wow ya know... you’re really cool.
Damn you’re awesome

“December 30 is awesome” Clara said
by Dunno franko November 13, 2019