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It is a combination of the words "food" and "booze".
Instead of saying let's go for dinner and drinks, let's get some "fooze" (food & booze).
by Lisa Rogers September 30, 2007
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noun : droplets of urban condensation that drip from air conditioners onto the streets below.
I was standing outside of my friends apartment when a large glob of fooze landed directly on the back of my neck.

Can also be used as a verb...

The streets of the lower east side are covered in puddles of fooze, urine, and other types of hipster refuse.
by mmmolly May 14, 2006
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When you gently ease out a fart, but it has enough traction to make noise. It will be short in duration, however not short enough to be a popcorn fart. The volume of this fart is quite less than a rip, but louder than an air biscuit or SBD.
While on a date I tried to sneak out a silent poot but it was all like fooze instead!
by KingOfFarts December 06, 2010
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