fuck my fingers.
exclaimed or said after making many typos/errors in a row.
"yeah, he has a vagnia."
by swissykins February 12, 2010
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To be used as an insult towards a fat person. An abbreviation of Fat Mother Fuc*er
"Yo,you're such a fmf"
"Yeah, he's such a saucer"
"Fuc* you, i am not. Plz die."
by Oliffffa April 20, 2005
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-Abbreviation for Fuck My Ford

A sticker the same size as a Ford emblem. Most people driving Fords that know best put these on their Ford emblems to let everyone know that they are aware that they made a mistake.
-What does FMF over a Ford emblem mean?
-That means that Ford owner realizes he made a mistake by purchasing a Ford.
by Ironsides November 26, 2006
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Fuck me forever

When you know it's over with someone, and though the regret you feel tears you apart, this lets them know how you want them to feel about you. Not because you feel the same about them, but there's nothing more you can do.
I can see this is going nowhere. You still have no idea how I feel, but it doesn't matter now. You'd best forget about me... FMF.
by IcyHaku May 22, 2021
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FMF - Funky Monke Friday
The day where you go all out and go crazyyy aahhh go stupid
Person 1: “Oh, Its Friday today.”
Person 2: “Oh cool, Its FMF.”
by Poop-brains November 08, 2020
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