"oh man that girls SMOKING in that outfit"
"dude, she's wearing a "F.M.F"
"you look, you gonna get SLAPPED!!!"
by A.C.E CHAOS PHANTOM September 23, 2009
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"Aren't you married?"
"Oh, then will you go out with me?"
by SrirachaKing June 11, 2016
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In the seventies FMF stood for Fast Mother Fucker. Hence FMF exhaust systems on motorcycles.
That is one FMF at MX.
by Lineaway November 22, 2018
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F*ck me Face. The pout a girl does to show a guy she fancies him.

A face a girl pulls when she's trying to look sexy and alluring at the same time.

A sexier version of a resting b*tch face
Two girls are at a party:
Girl 1: "Your doing your FMF again"
Girl 2: "hehe oops, I didn't even realise I was doing it"
Girl 1: *rolls eyes* "Pleaseeee, you've been smouldering at that guy in the corner for like the past 5 minutes"
by theoriginalFMF June 11, 2020
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