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The most commonly used credit score. The name comes from the Fair Isaac Corporation, which developed the scoring model. They are used to predict the likelihood that a person will pay his or her debts. The scores use only information from credit reports
Man, I wish I had a FICO score of at least 600
by Zach Fritz September 12, 2005
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irrelevant; ignorable; of no importance; utter assness
"This dildo is fico!"

<DarghYolk> I'll have your fico-mother to go, thanks
<Trainee> You want fries with that?

"My left but0xx0r is teh fixx0rs!" (My left buttock is fico!)
by Bastardized Bottomburp May 16, 2003
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An invisible pimp who will tell you what you can buy and where you can live.
Man, if you don't have a FICO score of 685 or higher, you need to turn around and FICO will turn to FUC-U!!!!!!!
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