The most commonly used credit score. The name comes from the Fair Isaac Corporation, which developed the scoring model. They are used to predict the likelihood that a person will pay his or her debts. The scores use only information from credit reports
Man, I wish I had a FICO score of at least 600
by Zach Fritz September 13, 2005
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Face I'd Cum On
Dman that chick has an FICO!
by Yubber November 3, 2009
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An invisible pimp who will tell you what you can buy and where you can live.
Man, if you don't have a FICO score of 685 or higher, you need to turn around and FICO will turn to FUC-U!!!!!!!
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irrelevant; ignorable; of no importance; utter assness
"This dildo is fico!"

<DarghYolk> I'll have your fico-mother to go, thanks
<Trainee> You want fries with that?

"My left but0xx0r is teh fixx0rs!" (My left buttock is fico!)
by Bastardized Bottomburp May 16, 2003
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The mentioning of your credit score as a means to impress another person.
He's fico flexing on her.
by wsm bdv August 13, 2019
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A very corrupt politician in the beautiful country of Slovakia, who stole a couple billions for himself and his friends during his reign from 2000s till 2018. He has been very close with mafia ever since emerging.
That asshole Robert Fico, the most corrupt politician in history, is surely the cause of the murder of that investigative journalist. (This incident actually happened, they've killed a journalist)
by October 21, 2020
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Man you gotta see this video...I can't even explain. This shit is FICO/F.I.C.O
by pimpsickle August 5, 2017
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