A Person that is training at a company. A trainee can debut as an Idol in the future. They have a schedule set by the company. A lot of trainees quit their contract with a company because of exhaustion.
Person1: Have you heard of Suho?
Person2: Yes, he was a trainee for 7 years!
by Oh Sehun November 16, 2014
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(1. What a K-pop idol in training is called
- a K-pop terminology
"Lisa was such a good dancer,even as a trainee"

"I wonder what trainee YG has"
by _chained up August 15, 2021
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Someone you are training to do a job.
Your trainee knew he was going to have trouble with you, so he kicked you in the pussy.
by Solid Mantis April 10, 2021
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a transvesdite. an insult to usually a gurl, which iz basically callin her a dude, n sayin dat she has a pee pee...or vise versa wit a dude. ;)
1: ay she a trainee son
2: cus u a TRAAANEEEE
3: shut tha fuk up trainee
by Chanel April 17, 2005
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A taxi driving, car washing, over worked, under paid person in their mid twenties wasting their college degree on learning to take it up the poop shoot from bitchy customers who can't fathem paying for a rental car.
I have a degree in animal biology. Yet, I'm a Management Trainee. Spending my days washing cars in a suit and tie in 90 degree weather for a whopping 10.46 per hour.
by eracer March 27, 2009
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The heavy boots issued to airmen at basic training. The name coming from how trainees are required to report to MTIs, "Sir, trainee last name reports as ordered". Usually replaced with third party light weight boots as soon as possible, Sir Trainees are the easiest way to spot a new guy fresh out of Lackland.
Airmen 1: "Check it out. I just got some new Nike boots to replace the shitty issued ones"
Airmen 2: "Lucky bastard. I blew all my money on booze and a new Camaro so I'm still rocking my Sir Trainees"
by AMNSnuffy December 26, 2022
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