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Consumption is an old name for tuberculosis (TB) that describes how the illness wastes away or consumes its victims.
Characters in both Angela's Ashes and Moulin Rouge die of consumption.
by HayCat128 September 07, 2009
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A convenient way to kill off a character set in a film or book set in the olden days, i.e. the old west.
Wyatt Earp: "Hey, Doc, whassamatter? You've been a-hackin up blood a while now."

Doc Holiday: "Ah, it's nuthin. I got the consumption, tha's all."
by TheColera August 08, 2010
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In the old B&W movies, they always referred to a terminally ill person of a particular desease as having CONSUMPTION or they already died of it. C o n S u p t i o n . I have consumed my tipple of booze cheap too for 40+ yrs but I was never so insulted than recently at the Emergency Room not my taste of a 'room' when the nurse took off my masked/vail after I explained that I am a carrier of TB have been for 40 yearsand I am not dying from Consumption and she said WHAT? What is that ?... You consumed too much booze to go from the TANK at the local constable/constabulatory house to here at Veteran's Memorial Hospital!?!?" I was still so 'pizzed' , I could have Spit ! agin'
MoM always said don't spit in the streets but it's alright to get so mad that ya want to spit.... part Deux to follow about Cops,Rights,TB,undocumented aliens,tax payers,citizens , connecticut , yankeez not like idiot red sox

I can't believe that this spell-checkin'funky-monkey sez that I mis-spelled Conn., US of A !
that actress was destined to die of consumption !
Red said ' But she did LIVE , that sweet ol' HO'"
As Tom Chapin Harry's Bro' sang " Consumption Junction..... What's yer Function....."
WikiPedia can't touch this Consumption definition ! nor the Nat'l Assoc. of Naval Veterans , try to find that !
by Crickety Dick July 01, 2007
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