Thai word for white people or Westerners, generically referring to non-asians. Generally used without derogatory connotation, derived from the Thai word "farangsayt" for French.

Also Thai word for guava.
Of course drinks are expensive here, it caters mostly to farang.
by Jack Jumblies July 13, 2005
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Farang or Falang
Also 'prang' in the southern Thai dialect

The generic Thai word for specifying a white person or white foreigner

Normally non offensive. Although continued use after knowledge of your name is considered rude.

The origin of the word is still debated.

1) "farang-set" (meaning French/France)
2) the bastardization of the English word "Foreign"
I hate Phuket, there are too many Farang.

I understand why some Thai's hate Farang.

Farang have ruined Thailand.
by 8utcha April 27, 2007
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Farang is what people in Thailand call westerners as a sign of how much they hate them. Like the Chinese blaming everything from the Opium War in 1840 on gweilos, the Thais blame all of the problems in their country on farangs. While taking their money and marrying off their poor and unwanted divorces to stupid faring, they laugh at them behind their back and discriminate against them in every way such as through "two-thirds pricing". Farangs are always associated with the Patpong hooker district of Bangkok and marry bar girls.
Thai sez to farang: You foreigner, you pay double price!!
by ahsay November 1, 2018
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An offense term to describe westerners.
Look it that farang.” “He is handsome and I possibly make marry him for a passport and better economic life.”
by Thai man April 13, 2019
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1. Thai way of calling White people regardless of where they are from. Origin of this word is still debated but one of them is when Thai and French people first met and Thai people miss took the word "français" to Farangset. Later on, farang is a common word to call white people.
2. Guava
Farang gin Farang! Hahaha!
Farang (human) eats Farang (guava)! Hahaha!
by Cantonese man December 12, 2018
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Faranges is a name that is used a lot in Afghamistan. Faranges is a warm hearted person. She can come across as sassy and savage but she is the cutest human being alive. She isn't afraid to speak out on you and put you in your place because she is always honest. She has lived a hard life with obstacles where she still got scars from, but that made her only stronger. She can cry easily when things go hard but she will get over it quickly and become the silly person she is. She is the loveliest mother alive, she'll do anything for her children. She doubts herself a lot of times and is scared that no one loves her. But she needs to be reminded that the people most important to her, will love her till the end. She is a great example for a good person.
Person 1: Do you know Faranges? What do yiu think about her?
Person 2: She is strong minded girl, you must be lucky to have her on your side.
by Killuachills February 2, 2018
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A Thai word for a white person or white people, comes from a Persian word that refers to the Frank people.

(There's also a word in Malay which is feranggi)
Actually, this is a neutral word, it's up to the context of a speaker whether it's positive or negative.

The word also means guavas in Thai.
So many Farangs in Isan Region of Thailand have their wives and children since the end of Vietnam War.
by Shiine-1 January 5, 2022
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