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Thai word for white people or Westerners, generically referring to non-asians. Generally used without derogatory connotation, derived from the Thai word "farangsayt" for French.

Also Thai word for guava.
Of course drinks are expensive here, it caters mostly to farang.
by Jack Jumblies July 13, 2005
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Farang or Falang
Also 'prang' in the southern Thai dialect

The generic Thai word for specifying a white person or white foreigner

Normally non offensive. Although continued use after knowledge of your name is considered rude.

The origin of the word is still debated.

1) "farang-set" (meaning French/France)
2) the bastardization of the English word "Foreign"
I hate Phuket, there are too many Farang.

I understand why some Thai's hate Farang.

Farang have ruined Thailand.
by 8utcha April 26, 2007
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