FBI (Fatt Bitches Incorporated) fat bitch on good Americans for filthy lucre.
by ResearchWolf August 30, 2016
A criminal gang akin to the Crips and the Bloods--but with badges.
"Who are those thugs shooting down innocent citizens and lying about it on the witness stand? Oh--that just the FBI."
by Louis XIV December 10, 2019
The FBI is people that say FB
I open up. They will do that if you do a Federal crime
FBI: knock knock.Me: Who th- FBI: Fbi open up! Me: Ahhhhhh!
by Unknown_and_kermit December 10, 2019
FBI stands for: Furious Biscut Inspector
I needed the FBI to check my breakfast because it bit me
by Phat vieles February 21, 2018
Fuck Boy Incorporated- A very manipulative company.
Apple is a total FBI
by May 29, 2016
FB(facebook) + I (illuminati)
Think about it.
Dude, did you know that Facebook and Illuminati mean FBI.
by Dèmon March 8, 2020