What to say when someone you respect dies, or just when something bad happens to someone
Friend: Yo my fish just drowned
Friend 2: F
by laughs in i regret my username December 22, 2020
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It is paying condolences for a tragic or lesser tragic event

Started by meth addict ninja “Tyler blevins” “f” is commonly used online when someone is rejected by his girl
Mom: honey your little sister was raped and murdered today

Me: f

Ex 2

“I asked out my crush today bro”
“How’d it go”

“ she stabbed a pencil in her left eye and jumped out the seven story window screaming god anyone but me”
by Locallibrarianheroindealer October 30, 2019
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person 1: *dies*
Person 2: F
person3: F
Person4: F

(u get it)
by ඞ Swift ඞ October 27, 2020
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"If you caught a felony, you caught a F."
-Big L, Ebonics
by John Triton October 30, 2007
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What you yell when you drive a golf ball into a forest. It has two meanings, F as in fuck and F as in forest. Also written down on score card if not playing seriously
WHACK!! no no no no nooooo F!!!!!

Looks like im writing F on the score card
by Cherrysquid July 5, 2011
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An expression given when having lost the game, particularly by persons who do not like to swear.

The game may be found at :losethegame.com:
Anastatia: Aw, I just lost the game.
Nici: F! I hate you! (Out of love of course..) Hey Jo! I just lost the game!
Jo: F!
by Acwician December 16, 2008
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