Something you say in live stream when someone dies
by EPIXGAMING February 17, 2019
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the letter f

heres the grades everyone wishes were true
c= crap
d= damn
f= fantastic
by flowerdklfjasldkfjsflkdj September 25, 2013
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when something devastating happens in the squad.
Kyle: So I was hanging out with this girl and she called me a hottie.

Brian: Go on..
Kyle: then she asked me if I knew Mark.

Kyle: And I said yeah! he's my friend.

Brian: then..
Kyle: Then she said, can you give me his number?
Kyle: and I said yes. I'm so dumb. :(
Brian: F in the chat

Ryan: F
Daniel: F
Zack: F
Jack: F
by lglifeisgood March 19, 2020
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1. the sixth letter of the alphabet, pronounced "eff"
2. A very very very very very bad grade, which usually prompts disciplinary actions by parents of young children.
3. the last letter in the slang acronym WTF, which is commonly used often by n00bs, or used occasionally by l33ts to indicate surprise, shock, or rejection towards something.
1. F is a letter, use it.

2. I got an F on my Physics test, looks like father is going to tie me to that tree in the front yard and flog me until i'm sunburn red.

3. WTF????!!!!!11111
by M-Bomb September 27, 2004
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I typed an F in the chats for kenny
by Kyle_broflovski10000000 May 16, 2020
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press f to pay your respects

by Anti.Social.Club6 June 21, 2019
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A way of pay respects on the internet. It originates fro the PC version of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare where one of your friends dies and at the funeral the game gives you a button prompt “press F to pay respects.”
“Hey did you hear that Stan Lee just died, everyone press f to pay respects
by TheQuacken December 23, 2018
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