Him: I told her I love her.
You: That's awesome! What did she say?!
Him: She told me she loved me, too...
You: That's AWESOME! I can't believe-
Him: ...As a friend.
You: ...
Him: ...
You: F
by MalumLibrum958 October 14, 2020
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To pay respect to a person who’s been either injured or killed.
The cowboy fans and non cowboy fans spammed F in the YouTube comments for Dak Prescott.
by Jayyythecoach October 15, 2020
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F is for Friends who do stuff together
by Ratpick Tars February 23, 2016
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A symbol used to promote sadness in a twitch chat or used to pay respects to a event.
by Yuhbbgfdsetyj yuu November 16, 2019
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