The English letter "F" can be used as a way to pay respects to fallen humans, and/or a stock market term for Ford Motor Company. (aka. Ford)
"Press F to pay respects."

"The stock for F has just went down by 5.6 percent!"
by TimeIsntTicking June 5, 2022
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1) Its the motherfucking letter F, what did you expect from this search?

2) What people say to pay respects when someone dies
1) Person (YOU): lol imma search the letter f

2) Random person: *dies*
Everyone: f
by Literally a person January 4, 2020
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its a letter f
f is in the alapabet
by Claire Coleman March 17, 2020
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What you type in chat when the only good player fucking dies.
"OH FUCK 哦,媽媽,你在哪裡 DIED! player1F player2F player3F
by FIVE MORE MINUTES MOM!!!! October 29, 2019
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F is an evil letter from Alphabet Lore. A series by Mike Salcedo. F turned evil because of a backstory where L and O make him spell a bad word and everyone accused him. N didn’t stand up to him because he is a coward (not really). That all changed in the epilogue when N actually stood up for him.
People used to hate F but now, F is now loved after nZ.
by TwoSevenSixThree May 20, 2023
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F is an exclamation used in place of a swear word when one loses the game.
Jessy: Danielle, you lose the game!
Danielle: F!
by J.Navy.Girl May 1, 2008
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The sixth letter of the alphabet, and also used in front of many words by a person who wants to stop cursing.

It is used in place of the the word "fucking."
Jane: You know Bob you can really be a fidiot sometimes.

Bob: Fidiot?

Jane: Yeah, a fucking idiot, I'm trying to stop cursing for now on.
by HesterDB August 7, 2011
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