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1. Definitive article.

A scatalogical derivation of the definite article "the", arising due to the over-used and over-rated nature of the "e" vowel. Used generally positioned to the front of a noun.

2. Not-so-definitive article.

A secondary derivation of the definite article "the". It's existance enhances the not-so-definitive nature of the English language, as well as the definitive nature of the noun or adjective succeeding it.

3. It's so 'teh', it ceases to be defined or even an article.

A tertiary derivation of the definate article "the" as well as the secondary derivation of the definitive article "teh" as well as the primary derivation of the not-so-definitive article "teh". Must be used only in scenarios where deemed grammatically inappropriate. The term in itself implies a sense of ostentatiousness, a sense of foreboding, a sense od delirium and a sense of altriustic narcissism. It is commonly employed to elicit a response of confusion and when used in the correct dosage may induce brain-death. Extra points are rewarded for using the term "teh" in so called 'combos' consisting of "teh"s and "Über"s. Warning: failure to urinate may result in discomfort.
Def 1. Teh cat fizzled within and without the time-space continuum because its existence was not considered a directly observable event.

Def 2. Maaaaan, that stuff you gave me last week. One word baby: TEH awesome.

Def 3. Proposition 628 is liek teh teh Über teh. Purple monkey dishwasher.
by SRL April 02, 2005

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The name of some girl in Green Day's new album American Idiot
"An image she wants to sell/to anyone willing to buy/he steals the image in her kiss/from her hearts apocalypse/from the one called whatsername"
by SRL September 26, 2004

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When a girl is insecure about her breast size so she "stuffes" (hince - Mitra)
Mitra stuffes. Yep, she sure does.
by SRL September 26, 2004

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the best snack ever!!!!!!!! never waste them. jeuin iz the only person (maybe he's not a person) who duznt like them. DIE!!!!
I ate wheat thins the whole day! and i got undepressed.
by SRL September 26, 2004

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whatsername from green day's new album american idiot
something about her selling herself
by SRL September 26, 2004

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all people who think mtv is a fascist, brainwashing, society corrupting, degrading, evil entity. yeah thats right. i just called u a fuckhole u ass.
I hate all those fuckholes god damnit!
by SRL September 26, 2004

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The corn smuggling stick figure created by anne and sarah
"Buy some corn punk!"
by SRL September 26, 2004

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