What someone on the internet says when they want you to see their side of the issue but are too lazy to explain it to you (or don't understand their position themselves). Used in a (usually unjustified) condecending manner.
You don't believe in Particle Physics? Dude, educate yourself!
by Tomfoolery1972 February 14, 2012
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An instruction to people on the Internet (and occasionally in real life if you're into being slapped) to go away and read unspecified literature until such time as they agree with your point of view entirely.
Normal person: "Israel isn't racist, men can't be women, curriculums don't need 'decolonizing'"
Critical social justice loon: "educate yourself you fascist"
by SalopianSnark January 12, 2023
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When two bitches went to ace con and we’re rude to Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie. And now has become a meme.
Seb: who’s tessa?
by Thotcheetopuffs July 7, 2018
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