the process by which one reads about from many different sources, about twenty pages in length each, that have little to do with each other, analyze them and then combine them to find a uniform thesis; advanced bullshitting
oh man, expository writing at Rutgers blows!
these assignments in expository writing are completely ridiculous!
where am I going to use expository writing in real life? oh, right: NOWHERE!
by maelstr0m_X1 November 27, 2005
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A waste of time curriculum provided to high schools in California provided by the CSU, meant to torture high school students taking honors and AP classes.

Consists of endless units, each based on one theme usually comprised of several articles. These articles are each accompanied by a 10-page thick list of "activities" that are the most repetitive shit in the world. They ask the same damn question ten times, phrased ten different ways, Sometimes, even more than that.

All meant to get college-bound students to begin analyzing nonfiction texts at a college level. But all it is is a waste of time. Most boring shit EVER.

It puts the "anal" in analysis.
From actual CSU Expository Reading and Writing Course packet:

Activity 12:

"What are two major assertions the author makes in this essay?"
"What does the author want us to believe?"
"What is the writer's purpose?"

Real life reactions from high school students:
Honors English 2 student" I hate this packet!
AP Language & Comp junior: I hate this packet!
AP Lang & Comp senior: I hate this packet! Guess what? IT DOESN'T GO AWAY.
by APEnglishJunior November 14, 2011
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When someone gets exposed/revealed
*Session 3 in School starts*

Teacher: Ok class, get on your laptops and start working on this worksheet.
Jimbob: *Flappy bird sounds play*
Hrot, Xan and Jerome: YOOOO EXPOSITORY
by JermoeASFrealnotfake March 8, 2022
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A piece of shit that if it written by a student is guaranteed to be a disaster in the eyes of the teacher.
Oh shit, I knew my expository essay was shit but not that shit.
by DownyDolphin February 19, 2020
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