Flappy bird - a disabled bird who can't fucking fly and has no fucking legs, the most frustrating game on the fucking planet. A bird who hits pipes on the fucking head and falls straight to the motherfucking floor. An asshole bird who gets you to tap to make him fly. He is also blind an has a vagina for a god damn mouth.

"Hey man you played flappy bird?"
"Don't even get me started on that bullshit"
by Docto January 31, 2014
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A disturbingly addictive game created by Satan himself. If you choose to play this game, yet do not have the willpower to delete it, you will either burn in the ninth circle of hell or smash your phone. More likely the latter. The bird looks like a cross of a shrunken Seasame Street character and a minecraft chicken. You must tap him, for he can't seem to get his pixilated body to fly by itself, to make him fly through badly spaced pipes that someone should probably call a plumber to fix. I digress. Just don't play flappy bird if you aren't prepared for the satanic repercussions.
by XxxPrettyOddxxX February 14, 2014
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A piece of shit game that will piss you the fuck off.
"Hey man what happened to your phone?"
" I was playing flappy bird then I destroyed it."
by bEAR March 1, 2014
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Piece of shit game that fucking got fucking pulled of the fucking market on the fucking phone because the creator, Satan, got too many death threats because of this stupid fucking flappy piece of flappy shit. He has no legs and is just a fucking legless fucking piece of shit who is addicted to pipes. There are far too many remakes of this game.
Mick "yo bitch you got that bitchy bitch ass game flappy bird, I hate it bitch."
Dave "nope. much frustrating, I have the remake of it, Farting Panda"
Mick "Life is a bitchy ass bitch!"
by derpymcconquerer March 11, 2014
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Flappy bird is a game where you make a little bird fly in between pipes by tapping the screen of your touch screen device but if he touches one he will fall to the floor and you will lose. There are no levels and just points. If you do not beat your high score you have to have a VERY strong willpower to not play over and over again for hours until you beat your score. If it is very late at night or early in the morning you will then go to sleep and repeat the whole process again in the morning or whenever you are free from work/school/college and if it is not night time and you have nothing you really need to do it is very likely that this game could fill your entire day. The game looks very simple and easy but is in fact very hard and frustrating!! D: but because it is so addicting you just CAN NOT STOP! If you have downloaded flappy bird and you are not in the 1% minority of those magical people who can fight the flappy bird addiction then you must accept that this game is now a part of your life and you are likely to spend no less than half an hour daily playing in it. Good luck in your flappy bird adventures :)
Lilly was playing flappy bird when she scored 19. One lower than her highest score. She screamed 'Oh my god! I hate my life! What is the point in existing?!' Before bursting into tears and playing for another 3 hours.
by Just a simple 18 year old February 4, 2014
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I pulled out my bird and just couldn't get hard. I had a flappy bird
by Eynak January 28, 2014
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A floppy penis.
It is also a shitty game that sucks ass and people commited suicide over it. The guy that came up with the game "flappy bird" was probably obsessed with big floppy penises.
Last night, I slapped your mom across the face with my flappy bird and she loved it.

This game flappy bird is pissing me off. i'm going to kill my self.
by A WHITE GUY March 10, 2014
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