when you are taking a shit and absolutely nothing interesting happens while you are on the toilet and it seems like you have been in there forever being completely bored
bob-that was the most boring shit ive ever had..
tim-boring shit?
bob-yea..you know when youre in the bathroom and nothing funny or amusing happens..
tim-ohh..i understand..i had a boring shit this morning
by lilmissfunny July 22, 2010
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an emotional state experienced during periods lacking activity or when individuals are uninterested in the opportunities surrounding them. boredom at the highest level, progresses to shit ;extreme boredom
Steve: "dude, I'm bored. I'm so bored, that I'm bored as shit."

Tim: "let's go cyber stalk losers on facebook."

Steve: "k."
by boredasshit1 December 12, 2010
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Studying managerial economics
University Student 1: Hey, you want to go and get bored as shit later tonight?

University Student 2: No thanks, I'd rather stick my head in the microwave while listening to the Dave Matthews Band
by Kabob King September 11, 2013
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a state of being, usually occurs during summer break when you are unemployed and are girlfriendless. A level of boredom lower then being as bored as fuck. Usually can be relieved by taking a shit.
(Somewhere in Kansas)
Jeff: Dude, Im bored! Ill call my girlfriend!
Jeff: Oh thats right! She broke up with me because I'm a loser and have no job!
Jeff: Ill call Jimbo!
Jeff: Dude! I'm shit-bored what do I do?
Jimbo: You can always take a shit!
Jeff: Your a genius!
by boredasshit69 June 22, 2010
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An Australian slang term used to describe something that is extremely boring yet also very annoying.
Friend: "I'm doing advanced mathematics this year."
Me: "Fuck that mate, maths is boring as bat shit."
by Incept May 14, 2016
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Something or some place that is extreme boring to one. Or just bored to death about something or some place.
Man, this party is boring as dog shit! This football game is boring as dog shit!
by xmonkey September 21, 2010
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A common phrase that is deeply rooted in the Australian vernacular and frequently used to convey your disappointment in a person or a thing.
"Your performance was as boring as bat shit," said Kyle Sandilands, a past judge from Australian Idol.
by Norman Harvey February 19, 2016
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