A course in which supposed honors- worthy students are placed in, when in reality half the students are just "good kids." An overwhelming amount of reading is assigned, followed by a lot of essay-writing. It doesn't matter whether the students read the books, or used sparknotes to finish the reading assignments. All that matters is that it can be stated that the students read "x" amount of books during the school year.
Honors Student A: Yo, you did the homework for English?!
Honors Student B: No, I don't think anybody did. Nobody even bothered to do sparknotes.
by kick ass Liz May 23, 2005
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Hell. You'll think you can handle it, and you'll do well in the class but the bags under your eyes and desperation for sleep with say otherwise.
English Honors teacher: Class, I am assigning a reading to be done independently. Its from page 103- 253 and it's due tomorrow.

Class: *zombie-like moans*
by a_student November 4, 2015
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A living fucking hell with lots of homework that will get you no where in life. Endless amounts of sleepless nights.
Why the fuck did I take Honors English 9?
by user00000000000000000000000001 February 13, 2023
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