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A place where people interested in cars go to look at other peoples' cars (and possibly show their own).

There are a few types of car shows:
Classic Car: This type is ussually reserved for classic cars and other vehicles of historical signifigance. These types of shows can also be subdivided into catagories based on the type, era or signifigance of the cars.

Speciality Shows: These often feature newer cars that have been modified. Many of the larger shows like this are sponsered by groups and magazines like DUB and Nopi. The larger ones are also joined by demonstrations and events that cater to the type of show (an import tuner show may have drifiting demonstrations).

General Shows: These are for cars in general. They could be classic, custom, modern rare (like Lambos), and stock. Ussually people who show their cars here have some kind of special car (classic or custom)but anyone can bring their cars and show them in events like that.

Almost every car show is sponsored by some kind of organazation like a car club. They also ussually have vendors that sell parts, memorabilia, trinkets and general merchendise (ussually car-realted). Concessions like fair-food and drinks are almost always present at car shows of any real size. More formal car shows (like national and international car shows) sometimes have meetings and other events of the such.
Car shows and strip clubs share the same rule: NO TOUCHING!
by northendwhitetrash August 25, 2008
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