When a woman is past her prime and looks it, but still tries to present herself as young and desirable. This might mean that she uses make-up tricks, botox, lip injections, etc. to appear more youthful to attempt to shave years off her age.
Many celebrity chicks over 40 are past their expiration date, but spend a lot of money trying to look like they are 5 - 10 years younger.
by sarasplayroom.com February 23, 2009
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Going out on a date for the sole purpose of breaking up with someone.
“I was blindsided - when he took me out I had no idea that it would be an expiration date!”
by Shuttlenudger July 18, 2018
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To start a relationship that has a defined end date; e.g., one of the people is moving soon.
"I hear you started dating some new girl."
"Yeah, but she's moving across the country in a month, so we're planning on breaking up."
"A little expiration dating, eh?"
by Travis May 27, 2005
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Expiration Dating

ex·pi·ra·tion da·ting
- verb \ek-spə-ˈrā-shən 'dā-tēŋ\

: dating someone with the expressly agreed upon precondition of said arrangement's expiration date
The contractor's real friend: "So, what's up with you and 'ol girl?"

The contractor: "We're kickin it. Told her I'm leaving town after this contract, but she's down for expiration dating till then."

The contractor's real friend: "Damn, dude. I tried that shit with 'ol girl, but she beat me with one of those eufeminisms."

(See 'ol girl)
(See eufeminism)
by murdadrum January 4, 2014
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being with someone despite knowing that you have to separate in the near future.
I hate expiration dating, but he's so cute! I'll just date him until I go to school in the fall.
by valerie vodka June 1, 2014
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1. when a relationship that turns long-distance goes on so long that unused condoms purchased at the beginning of the relationship have expired.

2. the act of inflicting this situation upon another person, esp. a man.
“Are you still going out with Giselle?”
I dunno man, I still love her, but she’s been expiration-dating me for so long I had to throw out a whole box of durex!”
by Merryman Webster May 31, 2013
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A term for someone who should have come out a long time ago, who is now (and will always be) just awkward. People who are "GPED" can be of any age or gender, the "expiration date" is different for everyone. It's refers more specifically to the general sense of awkwardness some people have, not their age or situation in life.
Armando is a nice enough guy, but I wouldn't date someone who's Gay Past the Expiration Date.
by LUEZWO August 13, 2014
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