Exhibition, an amazing (bypassing) client for the Hypixel gamer server.
Bro, are you using Exhibition? Exhibition is the best!
by irlmason May 25, 2019
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Served as an example of something. Works when the example is right beside you.
Some of my friends are weird. (points to the person next to me) Exhibit A.

I wear boxers from Costco. (points down at my boxers) Exhibit A.
by kwonkwon October 22, 2010
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To show something, be it a trait, or a hairstyle. This is not to be confused with the rapper, Xzibit.
Your clothing exhibits a knowledge of 70's style!
by Paul9 June 20, 2007
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Illegal sale of guns in the hood. Kind of like thing, when a dealer shows you the stuff he got, if you are trustworthy enough.
- Flippo got caught by cops wit a strap.
- Yo, how tho?
- I guess he was doing dat "exhibition" thing again. Even tho i told him to be careful wit dat.
by flawless9931 October 18, 2019
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Drinking excessively, with a certain degree of showmanship or entertainment value. To put on display one's drinking ability.
"Get out the beer bong, the beer pong, and the jag bombs, It's time for a some exhibition drinking!"
by MSUMaverickFan October 6, 2011
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Something to see in late October to avoid the spookings of Halloween
" I'm scared of the clowns lets go see the pony exhibit today".
by Uncle Pen October 23, 2017
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