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To be beaten in a sudden, out of the blue competition. No previous knowledge is required on a subject to be served... Once somebody is served, and then this person serves back, then its on.
1.Shit son, you just got served.

2. You just got served back cunt

3. Shit nigga, its on
by Bruno .B. October 26, 2004
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to be put on notice; to be called out. to be served is an open invitation to serve back. unless you can serve back in equal or better fashion, then you got owned and have been bumped in ranking. to be served originates from being served with documents that you need to appear in court.
Me and my b-boy crew were pop-lockin and chillin, then this other crew came up and tried to serve us, but we had better moves, so those bitches got served back and owned.
by BlaznFattyz December 30, 2005
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A hyped word that has been used at an increasingly appalling rate ever since that stupid movie "You Got Served" came out (and South Park made fun of it), giving cultureless and frequently rejected Internet geeks a relatively attractive clichΓ© to dwell on for the next few months or so.
People use the word "served" in a pointless attempt to convince others that they are capable of staying aware of and using current buzz words.
by T Hizzle April 15, 2005
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To be humiliated or completely embarrassed.

It comes from being served papers to appear in court.
by DC II June 21, 2005
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to be beaten at something (most likely a break dancing competition)
tarence: Yea nigguh, u just got served


Shany: Bring a plate, cuz uz about to get served! (oooooo)
by Alfred March 17, 2005
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