NOT so excellent when said sarcastically. Used in a derogatory manner to mean exactly the opposite of its true meaning. Said when a complete SNAFU occurs and usually inflected upwards at the end so that instead of saying the "EX" with more force, you gradually increase the pitch and distress in your voice as you follow through the word. Delivery of "excellent" is an art form mastered by the most sarcastic individuals who have experienced far too many fuck-ups. A cluster fuck expression.
Max: "Remember I told you we won the lottery, well, I took the ticket in and found out that I had a ticket from LAST MONTH'S draw, I felt like a total stooge. Sorry dude, we actually didn't win that $6 MILLION."

Scott: "Excellent!"
by psiscott April 09, 2006
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Excellent is a word commonly used on the xbox live server by the users "Rushlow" and "BIG BAD TREKKIE"
Yo, Sean! I just owned that guy! Excellent.
by John December 13, 2004
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A point of inebriation where one is neither no longer drunk, but so far gone that one becomes a total party animal and paranoid at the same time.
Boy 1: "Hey, where's Matt?"
Girl 1: "Oh, he's outside and quite excellent right now"
Matt: "Yo! You talking shit about me?"
Boy 1: "No..."
Matt: "Oh okay....you excellent yet? Get excellent!"
by excellentbigBro October 25, 2011
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