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1. Describing a totally whimsical and lovely state of mind or experience.
2. Having outstanding, superlative, or extraordinary qualities.

Synonyms for Dreamy: gorgeous, fabulous, incredible, unbelievable, beyond expectations, out of the ordinary, amazing, delightful, surprisingly beautiful.
"Oh, those shoes are absolutely dreamy!"
by bahrainz May 26, 2005

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An item or experience of superlative value.
Wow! That Annie's Mac 'n Cheese with parmesan, blue cheese, salsa, Newman's Own and raisins was really excellent!!!
by Bahrainz November 18, 2002

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the time at which it is necessary to consume massive amounts of chocolate. this phenomenon could occur at any given time of day.
"I'm feeling kind of sleepy."

"Hey! It's chocolate o'clock!"
by bahrainz February 13, 2005

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A person who is eligible to receive a gift wrapped in expensive ribbon, because they truly appreciate the value of the ribbon.
(They don't just rip it off and throw it away)
I wrapped her gift in vintage, French, satin ribbon because she is truly ribbon worthy.
by Bahrainz December 25, 2008

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1. An expression used to justify an opinion or to qualify a statement. Often used to add validity to one's remark and to encourage others to express their agreement.

2. An abbreviation for "I am saying" or "I believe this to be true" or "Do you agree with my opinion?"
a: pink is the new green!

b: oh yeah?

a: sayin.
by bahrainz September 26, 2004

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Extremely delectable edibles. Expression may also refer to a unique color or outstanding article of clothing.
This pineapple-banana smoothie is absolutely yummy-licious!

I just saw the most yummy-licious eggplant pashmina shawl!
by Bahrainz November 18, 2002

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An item of extraordinary value.
Ooooo! That sweater is tres fabu!
by Bahrainz November 18, 2002

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