A juicy lucy; An assassin in the MMORPG Aion that has bad DPS and usually dies.
Crucifiction: You do less DPS than Excel!

Excel: You don't get Boon of Quickness.
by Crucifiction June 19, 2010
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girl 1: did you see that hot ass dude
girl 2: you mean that excel
by hellokittykittykittykittyboi November 22, 2019
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To finish something quickly, completely, and intensely
by FoundCountry August 5, 2019
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Part of the Microsoft Office Suite, Excel is a spreadsheet program that basically resembles a paper ledger sheet, or a giant table. Unlike paper, Excel makes your job easier by removing the need for erasers or calculators! It definitely makes number manipulation almost painless.
Newbie: I need to do my taxes.
Computer Shop Employee: May I recommend Microsoft Excel?
by Gearbox January 26, 2005
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One certifiably insane and way too happy girl who loves a certain leader of ACROSS, Lord Ilpalazzo, to the point where she would run through fire and water, throw up, strip, and kill whoever he thinks needs to be killed. This includes her.
Excel, why must you be so... Wastefully cheerful?
by Lord Ilpalazzo October 15, 2004
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A medical condition caused by over usage of the Microsoft application excel.

Symptoms include malfunction of the eyes from prolonged staring at this application and severe anxiety due to inability to rectify application errors such as circular references, amongst others.
User 1: "I can't get this stupid sumif to work in this vlookup because of the stupid pivot table!"

User 2: "Dude, you're suffering from excelitis, take a screen break!"
by Aquaxander January 4, 2008
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It is the art of watching an excel file while it watches you back, while you are being incredibly unproductive.
I was working on our company's analysis and was excelling at that for many hours!
by malnic May 13, 2021
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