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Feeling of great happiness that results from being enlightened by one's own intelligence. A phony God's blessing does not result in euphoria.
"In this moment, I am euphoric. Not because of any phony god's blessing. But because, I am enlightened by my intelligence." -Aalewis
by zerk1337 April 16, 2013
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A feeling of intense existential peace and happiness. Can only be felt if you:

Have watched an accumulated 300 hours of Richard Dawkins and/or Neil Degrasse Tyson debates on youtube
Own a fedora*
Have a favorite MLP character
Have been in at least 200 religious debates in no less than 10 online forums

*If you have/considered having a feather in your fedora, you may reduce the amount of required youtube religious debates by half.
"My heart is heavy. This cause offers no respite, but my body grows tired and weak.

I look down at my hand. It is swollen from years of carrying this weight upon myself. The weight of knowing I am the only barrier between the future of humanity and the wretched, corrupting nature of religious thought. But looking deeper I see something more. In my hands I carry the very essence of the Universe. I exist not because of the will of a man in the sky, but by the majesty and wonder of the Universe.

I rise from my chair, my body illuminated by the light of my monitor. Putting on my fedora, I give one last tip to the fine life I've lived. As the pain shoots through my arm, I bask in the glory that is my own existence and intelligence.

In this moment, I am euphoric. In this moment, I transcend."
by apatheus November 11, 2013
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intensely happy or confident: She was euphoric when she received the Oscar.
Psychology . in a state of happy and confident well-being sometimes exaggerated in pathological states as mania.

euphor(ia) + -ic
If you get it done, you get that euphoric feeling of Victory.

This should be a euphoric night of dance music, provided you can get in, so arrive early and be prepared to stay late.

The mood was euphoric.
by mymonequita March 02, 2012
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A very intense feeling of happiness and bliss. Can vary in length from a few seconds to hours.

Usually experienced from sexual intercourse, but can be achieved from other methods including; drugs, meditation and even hydrating.
1. During climax Jack felt euphoric.
2. After trekking through the desert it was euphoric to feel the cold water flow through my oesophagus.
3. While smoking weed, listening to music and watching vivid images can feel euphoric.
by 4mysP3ng May 09, 2018
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