Most amazing shop in the world. Clothes are expensive but good quality. Good for more practical girls who don't enjoy dressing like a hooker.
I got this jacket from Esprit!

And you don't look like a whore!
by Holphin010101 February 1, 2011
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Luxury model of the Pontiac Firebird line. Introduced in 1971, Discontinued in 1982 with the chassis redesign. Usually came with uplevel interior and audio systems. The rare early-to-mid-70s Firebird Esprits with large engines are excellent sleeper cars.
"Is that a Trans-Am?"
"No, It's an Esprit"
"But it's got a 400 and a 4 speed."
by Julian August 21, 2003
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A J-rock band based in London. Since 2016, the band consists of Kai, Ellis and Daishi.
Esprit D'Air are so kakkoii.
by lazynoc44 May 17, 2017
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The feeling one gets when playing Cards Against Humanity. When the card you drew would have been perfect for the round you just played.
Goddamnit! I just drew "The Holocaust"! That would have been perfect for that last card! Such Esprit D'Humanité! - Disgruntled Cards Against Humanity player.
by Dr Johnsoñ January 27, 2014
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A person of great wit and intellect.
(Standard definition says great wit OR intellect instead of AND, but you ever meet someone that had great wit & not intellect or vice-versus?) that's why I want definition in urban dictionary to define with "AND"
He is a gentleman , a scholar, & a bel-esprit. She was gorgeous, a southern belle & bel-esprit.
A person of great wit and intellect.
(Standard definition says great wit OR intellect instead of AND)
by Richrodg August 3, 2017
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A French expression, meaning "morale." Literally, spirit of the group.
Cross-training employees may help to build an esprit de corps and give them relief from monotony.
by Skorocel April 23, 2008
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Where people gather together and reminisce about deaths in their respective timelines - a common bond, if you will.
At the funeral, there was a copious amount of esprit de corpse in the mindset of the people that were paying their respects.
by Wooden Shoe Like Two No. March 25, 2020
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