Someone who gets on your nerves some times.
My brother is erky he keeps knocking on my door for no reason.
by CookieDisick February 11, 2014
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Someone special, someone very much cared and loved. That someone is also sexy, smart and hilarious. Best type of person there is
by Erky 101 May 16, 2017
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a person who is a herb; someone who is getting punked around
Son that nigga is a erky, he got sonn by dese 2 lil niggas.
He gave you a 20 after you pressed him?! HE is a erky.
by Luse Change December 10, 2004
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When someone kindly offers you a ride home, but ends up dropping you off someplace far from your intended destination. Is most likely to happen on blistering summer afternoons or frigid winter evenings when the unlucky passenger is forced to schlep it for miles to find a cab or public transportation.
e.g. Man, my friend just Erkied me in Rochester after that party and I had to walk 12 miles to make it home.
by needscar July 22, 2011
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