Aggy means "aggravated" or "aggravating" or like "irritated" or "irritating."
Person A: "Yo ass is fr aggy."
Person B: "Damn. I see how it is."
by goreimages June 24, 2021
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what a fucking aggy bitch, wise tf up
by abitchgonebatshit November 3, 2019
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Getting angry, violent, short for aggitated
im getting aggy now!!
by n/a October 4, 2004
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the word derives from the adjectives 'aggressive' and 'agitated' and is the emotion felt when seriously angry and annoyed. Signs of 'agg' can often be seen in the eyes and mouth.

The best way of preventing a friend from getting aggy is to say "Mate, don't get aggy!"
Dave had just lost his fifth consecutive game of FIFA and was clearly getting aggy.
On closer inspection the pupils in his eyes were dilating and turning red, whilst his mouth was shaking uncontrollably with rage. He was so aggy.
by josh190889 January 4, 2010
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An offensive term coined by the Longhorns in making fun of aggie.

This word is censored on
by CorporationX May 26, 2004
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A student who wears a cowboy hat, wears a John Deere hat, wears cowboy boots, lives on a farm or ranch, drives a pick-up truck, chews tobacco, regularly attends rodeos, knows every Larry the Cable Guy joke, participates in FFA or 4-H, takes several agriculture-based classes, and/or has a Southern accent.

Note: Showing one or two of these traits does not necessarily classify one as a full-on aggy. Such a person would be considered to have aggy under- or overtones.

Etymology: "Aggy" is short for "agricultural".
Holy schnaps! Did you see that aggy entering the Toby Keith concert?!
by Scuba Pablo August 25, 2008
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when a gay and a lesbian have sex and produce a mutated ginger racoon.
-god that clare is an aggy
-actualy she is a ginger tampon
by heatherrr h September 22, 2007
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