Eric is a sweet, humble, smart, kind, friendly guy that is very handsome and is always the mother-in-laws dream! He is really chill and calm and never fight with anyone, everyone likes him. All of Eric’s friends parents love Eric and wished Eric could be at their house every day of the week!

Eric is the type of guy that respect everyone and is very understandable, that makes him very respected. Some Erics are really funny and talks a lot, and some Erics listens more than they talk and are pretty mysterious and doesn’t share a lot of their opinions, which also make people not dislike Eric.

I love Eric, and hope everyone has a person with this personality in life!
He’s very chill, like Eric!

My mom loves Eric!
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by Hello78511 October 12, 2020
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Eric is a good sensible person who is very hard-working, nice, thoughtful and calm. Eric is really handsome, tall and overall very good looking. He is always the most humble person and pretty laidback and respectful.

Eric is the smartest guy in class and is very intelligent. Some Erics talk a lot and are very funny, and some Erics listen more than they speak. The “Funny Erics” are always making everyone laugh, but the “Chill Erics” are very nice, calm and never gets in to fights.

Eric is 100% a mother-in-law’s dream and all of Eric’s friends mothers love Eric! Eric can work as anything, he is rational, hard-working, smart, disciplined and has sympathy for others.

I hope everyone has an Eric in their life!
He is really chill, like Eric!
My mom loves Eric!
How do you get as good grades as Eric?
Eric is the nicest!
by Hello78511 October 13, 2020
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