In a world where vampires have “come out of the coffin” and live openly among humankind, it is to be expected that some people would not be very fond of the idea of treating these “creatures of satan” as equals. It’s people of this mindset that make up The Fellowship of the Sun, an anti-vampire church in the HBO series, True Blood. The fellowship was founded by Reverend Theodore Newlin, who was supposedly martyred alongside his wife and young daughter by the vampires he so despised. Details of their deaths are vague, but as of yet there is no definitive proof that they were killed by Vampires.

After Rev Theodore Newlin’s death, his son, Reverend Steve Newlin, leads the fellowship of the Sun alongside his wife, Sarah Newlin, in the fight for “Human Rights”. Under Rev Steve Newlin’s leadership, the fellowship grows exponentially and attracts many hate-filled radicals much like himself. Jason Stackhouse, Sookie Stackhouse’s brother, is brainwashed into joining the fellowship’s ranks and attends the Light of Day Institute, where they train people to spread their message of hate to the world. Jason is then chosen by Steve and Sarah to join a group called The Soldiers of the Sun, the Newlin’s personal army they intend to use to start a war with the vampires.

In what can be considered the Fellowship of the Sun’s first attack of the war, they restrain Godric, the 2000 year old sheriff of Texas’s Area 9, in the basement of the church with the intentions of using him in their “Meet the Sun” ceremony, where they basically burn a vampire at the stake at dawn. While one later discovers Godric went to the fellowship willingly, claiming they would have taken a vampire sooner or later, things soon become out of control.

Through a series of complicated events, the fellowship kidnaps Sookie, tries to kill Jason, and captures Eric Northman. The Vampires of the Dallas area break into the church and almost kill everyone before being stopped by Godric. After a terrifying and inspirational display of Vampiric power and wisdom, most of the Fellowship abandons Rev Steve Newlin. In an act of vengeance, Steve sends the remainder of his followers on a mission to suicide bomb Godric’s nest. A number of Vampires and Humans alike die in this terrorist attack. Godric, stricken with guilt, blames himself for their losses and kills himself on top of a vampire hotel in Dallas at Dawn.
What kind of hateful act of intolerance will the fellowship of the sun unlease next? Keep watching True Blood and we'll find out together.
by var effing sinler August 19, 2009
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