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Bassist/singer of the rock group Pink Floyd.
Roger Waters' bass playing and vocals are somewhat haunting...
by Qbert December 27, 2004
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One of the geniouses behind the psychadelic beauty that is Pink Floyd. it's too bad that he's kind of a jackass.
-he sued the other members of the band for the name after he left
-he spit in a fans face
-his solo stuff is pretty shitty
-and he has a pretty damn big nose
"Roger Waters spat in my face"
"what an honor!"
by mooth March 09, 2005
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The driving creative genius behind Pink Floyd. He played bass, he wrote the songs, he wrote the lyrics, came up with the concepts, was the best singer, held together and then ripped apart the band, and (last but not least) was the only member of Pink Floyd to have any trace of personality and charisma. Yeah, he was somewhat of an asshole toward his former bandmates, but hey, when you're just THAT good, you are allowed to throw around a bit of ego. After he left the rest of Pink Floyd went on to cobble together a couple of half-assed albums that lacked any semblance of creative integrity. After Roger Waters left, Pink Floyd was reduced to a sprawling, bloated train wreck that was embarrassing to watch and listen to (think "Dogs of War"). Roger himself went on to release three of the most underrated albums ever. "Radio Kaos", "The Pros and Cons of Hitch-hiking", and "Amused to Death" are brilliant concept albums held together by great music and thoughtful lyrics. Unfortunately they will forever be absent from mainstream consciousness because they deal with subjects such as: human relationships, marriage and affairs, political engineering and the effect of technology on today's world, power struggles within society, the drive toward personal honesty, rather than deeper, more meaningful things people prefer such as: bitches, ho's and drugz.
Dude 1: Holy shit man, why are you walking around with a hard-on?? I can see it through your jeans!

Dude 2: Yeah, I'm listening to Roger Waters on my ipod, man. Step off.
by Sconz July 17, 2006
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A dusty old man who used to be the bassist for Pink Floyd, who almost single-handedly did all of their best work during the 70's, until he got too egotistical and evil and dropped out of the band expecting it to die without him, where he then preceeded on an OK solo career, with his last work as of right now being an opera called Ca Ira.
Roger waters is old, he's mean, he's rich as hell and complains about rich people, and he's very egotistical. Yet we all love him.
by Chad Corgan May 02, 2006
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Firstly he a terrible singer, he only sang when a song needed "tension". "His" best bass lines ('Money' & most of 'Animals') were played by Guitarist David Gilmour.
His songwriting can be brilliant but ultimately
he's like the gifted architect who is not qualified to hammer a nail.
Bass lines for 'Money', 'Pigs (Three Different Ones)' &
'Sheep' Played by david Gilmour NOT Roger Waters

Vocal for 'Run Like Hell'
Very disturbing & meant to be. Sung by Waters

Vocal for 'Goodbye Blue Sky
Soothing despite lyrics, sung by David Gilmour
by VanDerDonk March 26, 2007
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