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Eric Northman is a 1000 year old vampire played by Alexander Skarsgård in the HBO series, True Blood. He is the sheriff of area 5 in Louisiana, a position of great power in the vampire community, and he owns a Vampire bar called Fangtasia in Shreveport. He was a Viking in his human life before the vampire Godric found and turned him.

Eric is typically perceived as somewhat of a "Bad boy". He is confident, arrogant, powerful and decietful. He is often accused of caring about no one but himself, although we later find that he does care and feel emotion for others. In addition, he is incredibly good looking and, frankly, sexy as hell. As far as personality goes, we see a different and softer side of Eric when his maker, Godric, comes into the picture. Although he’d like to pretend otherwise, its obvious Eric really loves and cares about Godric. When he finds out Godric has gone missing, he travels to Dallas, Texas and uses Sookie Stackhouse’s telepathic abilities to locate him. After the Fellowship of the Sun’s terroristic attacks, we see just how much Godric means to Eric in the heart wrenching, emotional scene of Godric’s suicide.
(In reference to Godric)
Sookie Stackhouse: "He's you're maker, isn't he?"
Eric Northman: "Don't use words you dont understand"
Sookie: "You have a lot of love for him."
Eric: "Dont use words I don't understand"
by var effing sinler August 20, 2009
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the nonexistence of government. The theory became popular in the 80s punk/hardcore scene, but for the most part has since faded away. Mostly seen today when posers write it on their books and bags and anything else they can find to write on. its rare to find a true anarchist anymore, but they're out there, and when they talk about their beliefs, no one listens to them because they're "crazy" and the world "needs" structure. Contrary to most belief, Anarchy does not HAVE to be chaos (although it usually is)
True freedom, equality and peace can ONLY exist in a perfect and untainted state of anarchy.
by var effing sinler December 30, 2009
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What would have happened if the Philadelphia Eagles had won the last game of the playoffs in 2009 and had to face the Pittsburgh Steelers in Superbowl XLIII.

The state of Pennsylvania would have been divided in half like Germany in WWII and the result would be a wall separating the two sides in the capital, Harrisburg.

Citizens of PA would have had to choose a side and all undecided would have had been killed via death spiked footballs. The week before the Superbowl a war would have broken lose and the streets of Pennsylvania would be filled with flaming cheese steaks and puddles of molten steel.
Who would have nwo the Pennsylvanian War and torn down the Harrisburg wall? We will never know because the eagles fucking lost..... AGAIN
by var effing sinler January 21, 2009
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After Midnight Project, commonly abbreviated AMP, is a rock band hailing from Los Angeles, California. Amp consists of vocalist, Jason Evigan, guitarists Christian Meadows and Spencer Bastian, Bassist TJ Armstrong, and Drummer, Dan Morris. AMP released a self-titled EP in 2005, and then another in 2007, entitled 'The Becoming'. They were then signed by Universal Motown Records. Upon being signed, they entered the studio with John Feldmann and recored a full-length album entitled 'Lets Build Something to Break' which is set for release on August 11, 2009.
Currently, After Midnight Project is playing Van's Wapred Tour to promote they're upcoming album. Their live performance is incredible and they always keep their fans updated on what they're doing, so be sure to keep an eye open for this rising band and check out a show next time they're playing near you.
by var effing sinler July 23, 2009
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Burn Halo was originally set to be the solo project of Former Eighteen Visions Frontman, James Hart. Hart began writting the album with Zac Maloy after the break up of 18v in 2007 and it features guest musicians such as Synyster Gates, Daniel Adair, Chris Chaney, Neal Tiemann, and Keith Barney. As the album developed, Hart made the decision to market the music as a band, stating that he did not feel he was ready for a career as a solo artist. However, once the album was complete, Island records decided not to move forward with Hart as an artist, and he was left with a finished record and no label to release it on. Later, Hart’s Manager, Bret Bair, formed a label of his own (Rawkhead Rekords) through the Warner Music Group, and the self-titled debut album of Burn Halo was released on March 31, 2009. Before the record was released, however, Hart was still in need of a solid lineup to tour with in support of the album. He recruited Aaron Baylor on bass, Joey Roxx and Allen Wheeler on guitar, and Ryan Folden on the Drums (Folden has since left the band and has been replaced by Timmy Russell) Now a solidified band, Burn Halo played their first show ever in Baltimore, Maryland with Avenged Sevenfold. Since, they have toured with bands such as Papa Roach, Buckcherry, Escape the Fate, Black Tide, and Korn. The album’s first single “Dirty Little Girl” Peaked #19 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock charts and the video for the song premiered on MTV on February 25, 2009. Burn Halo’s sound is obviously very different than that of Eighteen Visions, and Hart states that this was intentional, claiming that he didn’t want to make another 18v album, he wanted to make a record that he could call his own.
Burn Halo Track List:
1. Dirty Little Girl (Ft. Syn Gates)
2. Save Me
3. Here With Me
4. Too Late To Tell You Now
5. So Addicted
6. Dead End Roads and Lost Highways
7. Saloon Song
8. Our House
9. Fallin’ Faster
10. Anejo (ft Syn Gates)
11. Back to the Start
12. Gasoline
by var effing sinler May 19, 2009
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A young very talented Florida-based metal band. Consisting of 16 year old frontman/guitarist,
Gabriel Garcia, 20 year old bassist Zakk Sandler, drummer Steven Spence and new
guitarist Austin Diaz, who recently replaced Alex Nuñez. They've performed tours
and festivals such as Ozzfest, Mayhem Fest and Download. They've opened for
bands like Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet for my Valentine, Escape the Fate and All
that Remains. They are incredible musicians with more talent than half the bands
on the charts.
IF only we had more Bands Like Black Tide, maybe we'd be able to resurrect the age of metal and bring good music back to the masses.

Check out their Album, Light From Above, probably avalibale where ever CDs are sold. Great songs off this CD include Shockwave, Enterprise and Warriors of Time.
by var effing sinler December 30, 2009
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the new president of the united states. In all honesty, nothing can be said about him right now because he hasn't fucked up or succeeded yet. However, his campaign has sparked a new age of stupidity. (Not Obama's fault however)
I have news for you people. EVERYONE is a least a little bit racist. EVERYBODY has prejudice, and if you deny it you are most likely a total fuckhead. Contrary to popular belief, white people aren't the only ones who can be racist. Black people are racist, Asians are racist, Hispanics are racist, EVERYONE is racist. reasons and degrees of racism vary with EACH individual. Not everyone who voted for obama voted for him because he was black, but some people did. Not everyone who vote for mccain did it because he was white, but some did. GET THE FUCK OVER IT
by var effing sinler December 30, 2009
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